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Family Therapy

Family life can be... well, quite "prickly" sometimes. Here are some ways ReEnvision can help you to navigate through that:

  • Parenting

    • Pre-baby prep (we do premarital counseling, why not pre-baby parent's counseling?)​

    • Emotion-coaching

    • Boundaries

  • Life transitions

    • Every life stage brings about a different challenge. Let's face them together well.​

  • Conflict resolution​

  • Communication

  • Ministry families

    • Families whose parent(s) serve others for a living​ in a religious context face challenges that are unique to most. Often times, the parents feel the guilt of not being more available to their children and children end up feeling embittered towards their parents and maybe even towards the church or organization the parent(s) serve. Addressing and acknowledging the needs of the ministry family is important - sooner, rather than later.

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