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There's been a lot on your mind lately... So glad you're here.
Three things you need to know:
(1) It's OK to not be OK.
(2) It's OK to figure out what you need for self-care.  
(3) Self-care isn't selfish.
This page is here to give you some direction and inspiration to find it.
Here is a list of ideas to keep yourself well during COVID-19
Sheltering-In / Quarantine that will engage your mind and emotions since it's good to limit Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and the like ;-)
This is not an easy time for many.
It's especially important for you to keep yourself healthy and well.
  • Meditate (scroll below for two suggestions)

  • Exercise - there are tons of free workout routines for men, women & children according to skill level, on YouTube

  • On-line learning - many institutions are offering free classes. You can take FREE Ivy League online courses

  • Connect with family and friends via video (Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet, etc.) rather than via text or phone

  • Write a handwritten letter or card - remember snail mail?

  • Learn a new skill - again YouTube has a wealth of "how-to" tutorials

  • Listen to TED talks and if you want, here is a list of the most popular TED talks of all time

  • Read those books that have been on the "waitlist." Even if you don't have a kindle, you can download the app and read the books from your phone, ipad or laptop

  • Learn to cook/bake something new with a friend while Face Timing them

  • Have a "meal" with family and/or friends - virtually.

  • Declutter that closet, the pile of papers or that "junk drawer"

  • Work on the home project you didn't have time for before

  • "Attend" a virtual show (Cirque du Soliel anyone?), concert or opera - so many are being offered for free!

  • Perhaps you have heard about the virtual museums? Here is another list

  • Or of touring the national parks?

  • Board games/card games

  • Cherish relationship moments - when you look back, what fond memory will you have? Be intentional in your conversations with your loved one.

  • Grow in your spiritual practices

  • Find out more about your personality. Take a fun Enneagram or MyersBriggs Assessment  (these are free versions, not the official versions)

  • Practice gratitude - it does wonders for the heart, soul & spirit

  • Limit the amount of time spent listening to the news

  • Need more? Check out Marie Forleo's "Coronavirus Support Guide"

Helpful Articles
Before you Go
Take a moment here
Look at the movements of the waves...
Breathe in slowly, deeply through your nose...
Hold your breathe for 5 seconds...
Slowly breath out through your mouth like you're blowing out a candle
Expel all the air.
Repeat 3 more times... slowly...
Glad you took time for yourself
Want more?
Here are two guided meditations that help
reduce stress and anxiety: 
 (1) A 20 minute guided meditation 
(2) Beautiful Prayer Meditation (Christian)
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